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work, this & that, adds, Nabari

okay... Haro love Friending Meme earned me 2: pandatchi , arinde87  - Welcome.
Also noted a few people added me at some point, for whatever reason (icons, vectors/wallpapers, music) if you want me to friend you back speak up! ^^

founded myself the 2 disc Ltd Edition The Dark Crystal OST, of which i'm glad to be able to listen to now. I love that show, and hope for the sequel to be just as magical. And yes the 1982 movie, of which no human appears, took them 5 years to make. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it. It's that beautiful, and breathtaking.

Nabari no Ou anime has ended. T______T I read chapter 50 (or 51) and bawled about a certain character death, like everyone else, and then figured that maybe, just maybe the anime wouldn't go there but.... T_______________T And the credits were rolling and and-- I thought I was safe. Stupid me.

Speaking of Nabari, and all it's lovelinesses... the 2nd OST has been shipped along with artbook, so i'm hoping for it to arrive by Friday. *crosses fingers*

Work.... oh the joys! Okay I was in my overly full stock room, aka the all shelves are packed, boxes of pillows and cushions all over, and i'm digging around for items that out on the floor there is room for, i think it was pillows, and I'm up on the step stool to be able to see into the 2 pile high boxes, and move around the comforters and bed & a bags, and duvets.... and i stepped down....

And yes oh yes I somehow managed to hit the corner of  a very hard very compacted into it's pastic bag comforter or whatever, ironically called Shelburne, right in my left eye. Then I spend the next 30mins or so with a tears flowing from it, and pain while it was open.... still damn well hurts. Hit myself in the head later with a box of towels too.  During my 30 min break, which i should never had sat down, i felt like i was gonna fall asleep. Bad day.

Tomorrow, I work from 8am-12, and guess what? In the Christmas shop! Oh boy! We all get to come in and set up the christmas ornaments and shit. Oh the joys. Wednesy 8am-2pm aka bus day, and then oh lovely day Thursday: 7am-1... 7....a....m.... aka I have to get up at 5am. yucky. Now to get myself to bed before 11pm on Wednesday night... that could be interesting.

Iron Man.... Haven't seen it, but I'm buying it tomorrow at Walmart. At the busiest Walmart in Canada apparently. How that happened is beyond me. It's small, it's in a mall... the one way out is 10 times it's size and has foods... all kinds of foods, but that's offtopic. And Walmart has 4 different versions of Iron Man (Widescreens). Basic 1 DVD. Ultimate 2 DVDs, Ultimate (2-Disc) (with Fan Boy Comic Book), & Iron Man (Mom Pack with Bonus Disc) .
Mom pack, ka? includes "Iron Man", a Bonus Soundtrack Sampler and the Pilot of the "Iron Man" Animated Series.

Run Time: 126 minutes
I have to watch it before 8pm. Tuesdays are House & Fringe. But House may get dropped. Last D.Gray-man episode as well. I'm picking my the manga after I see it. Don't wanna spoil myself. *shakes fist at VK & Nabari*

I wanna get these: http://forums.hobbyhype.com/showthread.php?t=8930

PS: Do not Fear, I will share Nabari OST 2, when i get it. Promise. ^^
also in YesAsia order: Pick up voice 9... eventhough i had 10 already. XD  Kamiyan's in it!  ^^


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