dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

It's Christmas time @ White Oak's Bay London

Officially all set up... well nearly. But I bet Wendy G got all the trees decorated before heading home.

in other news, i don't seem to be able to go a week w/o knowing the guest star (patient) on House. This week it was Breckin Meyer, or as i call him: "Kate's Brother" (Kate & Leopold) Charlie it was.  Didn't really pay attention, and successfully made my 2nd worst recording of a show ever. It's lovely how Paul Shore (i believe that's the right name, there's Howard shore the music guy of no relate to this series, and Paul Haggus, whom i don't htink i mean)  can so easily replace ppl, but still leave the main title as is. Also of note, House replaces Chase & Cameron with 2 idiots who can't even do surgery? WTF is that? So wilson also has been replaced. Feeling the love here. So um.. next yr, if there is one, will Cuddy be replaced?

Fringe... oh dear god, how dare they do that to him! I wonder if it was this episode that a stun involving a copper wire being shoved up Joshua's nose, resulted ina hospital trip?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. If you're not watching, you should be.

I watched Iron Man. The begining wasn't that good, but it got better. Thank gawd, I'd of hated to have wasted nearly $30 on this thing.

hmmm suddenly tired, wellmore tired then a moment ago, so my thought pattern just stopped.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So please go forth and buy the Pink Ribbon gear, donate, donate, donate. And most importantly get informed. For example, did you know that a mam-a-gram (forgive my spelling) may not give you the correct answer, a MRI, may be necessary.  FACT. Christina Applegate. Google her. Be aware. This can happen to anybody. Age doesn't matter. Your Lifestyle doesn't matter. What you eat - healthy or otherwise, doesn't matter. Google Bif Naked, while you're at it.

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