dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

okay so the 1 2 3


They shipped half of my first order.
Ghost Hunt Part 1 @ Mississauga now.

Erementar Gerad (can't bring myself to spell it in engrish) is experiencing some sort of delay? Est shipping: Oct 7 2008 - Nov 19 2008 >.>

2nd Order:
Ouran part 1 - Delivery estimate: Oct 30 2008 - Oct 31 2008

3rd Order: - Delivery estimate: Nov 24 2008 - Nov 27 2008
Ghost Hunt Part 2
Ouran vol 11 (manga)

GH 2 - was listed on yesasia for a few weeks before amazon.ca >.>
Erementar's Delivery estimate: Nov 7 2008 - Nov 21 2008 >.> so then, um... it'll barely beat order 3, then, ka?

EDIT: and yesasia has shipped my MF OST2
left to ship on the order is - Kamiyan's G00 single, which comes out later this month.
I knew Yocchin's would be last.
Tags: stores: amazon

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