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dark-alone [userpic]

Anime DVD watchings

October 15th, 2008 (11:10 pm)

Completed my watchings of Ghost Hunt part 1 eps 1-13
Got my Erementar Gerad Boxset all 26 eps there. >.> THANK YOU FUNImation & Geneon

So I'll be doing some DVD cover scans, and some random magazine scans during my week off of work.

Speaking of work... I'm off next week; Edith is off next week; and Stacey is sending Marilyn to Cambridge for the week.... that leaves just Danielle & Dana for Linens next week... that could be interesting. What are those managers thinking, when they decide this stuff?


Posted by: levve (levve)
Posted at: October 17th, 2008 06:16 am (UTC)

Oh Ghost Hunt? I've only seen the first episode of it a long time ago. I heard it was good though.

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