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nanami_hijiri , i got your package ^^

AOST news

okay I decided to 1 - extend the Halloween Wallpaper contest due date till Halloween, because: a- i didn't get mine done, and b- 3 entries isn't enough.

Also chiaki requested a team contest so i threw one together. XD Hastily, too i might add. Requested on Saturday, and i posted it on Saturday. XD
5 parts.
ACT 1 - is a music guessing thing. Very evil. 16 songs, that play in pairs. So 6 sets.
ACT 2 - a word search
ACT 3 - another music one, only just one song at a time and only instrumentals.
ACT 4 - Image guessing
ACT 5 - Graphic with poem/song tie in....

Mary Anne popped in at work today. Just got a hug, not any real talk time, but she's back next Monday! I'm very happy/excited. I've missed her so much!

Erementar Gerad Boxset... umm... i got two vol 3s, meaning no vol 4. WTF.
I hope Ouran pt 1 that was just shipped is okay.

I'm very annoyed about this screw up.

X-mas card list.
Kai if you are reading this... you want want a card right? And maybe a small gift. ^^


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