dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Because I haven't really fangirled in a while

...about anything that made no sense.....

Hakushaku to Yousei  (Earl to Faerie - but i prefer the Japanese, thx) It's nothiong too special, not really but I absolutely love it. Sure not as much as Kuroshitsuji, but it's right up there. So I was on yesAsia for something else and clicked on the new & future releases link, saw it's OP which came out... on Halloween, which makes little sense, so we'll say nov 5 (a wednesday, ne?) and then thought i'd look up Hakushaku to Yousei  in the CD section and there's Character CDs! Raven's getting one! (my fav character btw)

    Expected Release Date Dec 17th

TV Anime Hakushaku to Yousei Character Aria Shu : Raven no Arabesque - Sugita Tomokazu
TV Anime Hakushaku to Yousei Character Aria Shu : Kelpie no Rhapsodia - Koyasu Takehito
TV Anime Hakushaku to Yousei Character Aria Shu : Paul no Menuett - Kamiya Hiroshi 

EDSingle by Hika-chan comes out Nov 28th btw

Now I can't afford all 3, and i'm hoping someone at least gets the OP & ED singles.... So I think i'll get Raven's.... and hope for someone else to get Koyasu, & Kamiyan's and shares them!

oh oh oh! and i got a box of X-Mas cards today!
So tell me if you want in!
Send me a message!
I want to mail out cards!
I have a few extra thingies hanging around too....  Like a cell strap of a white duck thing from Gintama, forgive me, i'm sure it has a name.

soubi_no_kissu .... I've got your gift, I've had it for months now... >.>

Kai if you see this I have your address
babymagic_1980  - i think i'll need an updated addy, yes?
n4ncy  - got your address, it's still the same right?
nanami_hijiri  - i've got yours
sekitx2  - got yours as well

I'll have to bug a few ppl on the forum.....

Tags: anime: hakushaku to yousei, chara: raven, seiyuu: kamiya hiroshi, seiyuu: koyasu takehito, seiyuu: sugita tomokazu, xmas

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