dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

ugh political posts to hell this morning

and OMG that PhotoShoped pic of Kaname x Zero is really good *nosebleed* (sagakure )

I so did not sleep well at all last night....
I remember a bit about my dream, but it was weird... I (the me in the dream) was on the phone with my Dad, amd we were talking about the rare snow storm in October, and then he said he'd come down on the weekend. Next thing my Mom and Iwere talking and I looked down and there was snow! It was drifting across the roads all over. Then we were walking around the streets of some unknown place, which did have a subway, but we couldn't take it due to the snow?  So we were looking for a place to duck into when we came across to 'guards' who were saying we needed to get of the streets for safety, but the "snow" was odd. The 4 of us saw a light on at a "bakery"  I saw the back of a woman inside, and knew her from "earlier".  I had took a wand from her... (i know weird) anyways I got distrated by something odd out in the snow, as my Mom, and the cops when inside, and the woman locked the door. I turned around and tried to open it, and then a boy appeared. And I lost consciousness. The woman came out and took back the wand, which looked like a wooden spoon.... disgusied? o.O The 'boy' watched me, and inside my Mom noticed (finally) that i wasn't with them and went to the door, and found me on the ground with this boy. They got me inside and woke me up. Then it sorta cuts to the boy deepfrying something.... with a wooden spoon with holes in it. It splashes up onto his arm and he says: "Thank god it's onkly water" and continues to 'brown' the food... But isn't doing to well, i try to help him by scooping the 'patties' unto the spoon for him but they are exetremely hot (from the oil, baka) and i get my palm burnt! The boy auto stops waht he's doing and drops the spoon on the ground and gets me to stand, we go over to the tap and pour cold water on it....

I woke up!

and now i HAVE to really rush to get ready for work, but i had to write down this or i'd forget!

AND OMG a tractor trailer flipped off the ramp from the Southbound-427 onto the Eastbound Gardiner below! Fully loaded, i might add. And it landed on at least one other vechile, both are totalled, and there's no word of either of the drivers... or passengers if any....

also i don't feel like a slept at all

Tags: dreams

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