dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

okay so i pre-ordered i mean ordered...

(so used to saying pre-ordered all the time of late... but anyways)

well actually I did 2 yesAsia orders this morning, and one did have pre-orders.....

Okay 2nd Order: -arrival est. Nov 25th...
Becca's Album, since it was only released in Japan, for reasons that I don't exactly understand...?
Hakushaku to Yousei OP Single - Feeling by Acid Flavor

First order... i can't remember....
Kuroshitsuji stuffs....

Sebastian's Character CD
Kuroshitsuji DVD 1 (DVD + CD)
CG Complete Best

I pre-ordered a box of those expensive Kuroshitsuji trading Arts figures - HobbyLinkJapan./

and now that i can't remember what i was gonna say, ill just stop here...

Visit my DeviantArt page.... if you like my vectors walls. ^^

Tags: stores: yes asia

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