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Okay, so like Piers Anthony is like my favouritest Author.
I just love his books. specially the Xanth series (earlier ones the best with Trent in them)
And ann.com has just alerted my to some awesome news, which inturn has led to even more awesomeness! ^___^

Okay Hi-Piers.com is Piers' offical site, which he actually maintains himself.
His newsletter states this:
"Warner Pictures extended the Xanth movie option another two years. No, they're not stalling; they pay handsomely for each year and they're hiring a director. They must simply need more time to do it right. Soon we'll also know whether Disney will exercise the option on On a Pale Horse. I said before that I expect all three movie options to be exercised; Split Infinity has been, for Anime, and the others remain active. I realized long ago that if I depended on traditional publishers to promote my career, I'd be washed up well before I died. So I tried for an end-run around Parnassus and went for the movies, and if my long quest finally flowers, I will return to the bestseller lists in due course, no thanks to regular publishers. We shall see."

So first off the anime news.  Spilt Infinity (From The Apprentice Adept Series, Book One) Will be receive an anime film adaptation. (@^o^@)

The Disney mentioned one, On A Pale Horse (From the Incarnations of Immortality Series)

And finally the Warner Pictures news of an Xanth movie. That would be sooo cool, and then I could be judgemental of it like thoe HarryPotter/LotRs book fans. XD
But seriously A Spell for Chameleon was the first Novel I ever bothered to read. It's excellent.  I've read it so many times, that i've lost count.  Also did I mention I read it all in one day?

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