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Managed to get the international aka overseas x-mas cards sent out on Monday.
$1.60 per card.
I think there was 5, meaning I have 10-15 more to get sent out sooner than later.
Some are small to medium packages tho. XD And mostly to the US. Wheee!

But yeah... i think December 3rd is the latest Canada post recommends to send things to the US to make it in time for xmas

I think i may get a coffee maker for my mom for xmas.. she knows about it tho. XD It's $48 and a hamilton beach, one that can make up to 10 cups, but is designed to pour out per cup only, which is kind of nice, yes? I'll try to check it out tomorrow after work, but it's hard cuz that walmart is the busiest in Canada... after... all.... annoyingly busy! But if i can get that, that's one thing off my list. ^^

X-mas parties for work.... hmm....
Soft Home's is on dec 7th, a sunday, 6:30pm at Hook's $20 buffet, $15-20 secret Santa.
EMC - dec 5th... location? clueless XD, gift: $10... but why on the same weekend? why?! And they don't even plan on inviting jane, Debbie or Wendy, and they should. You should always at least invite ppl, so they can say yes or no, it's not nice otherwise. Blah, work politics...
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