dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Hell Week Starts...

this Sunday.

So the schedule for next week was up today and.. my god... someone hates me.

I work tomorrow Friday - 8am-12pm
saturday - off (thank gawd)
Sunday (yes there goes my weekend of shopping >.<) 10am-4pm of tiding up after the customers... for 6 hrs... you have no idea how annying it is. and boring.
Monday - 9am - 1pm (aka sitting in the food court til 8:45ish - so about 1 hr)
Tuesday - 8am-1pm (on, yes, no truck day)
Wednesday - off (yes we get a truck this day)
Thursday - 9am - 1pm (see monday)
Friday - off, but I has an x-mas party ($10 secret Santa and mexican food... mexican resturant... hmmm.... i don't really like much mexican food, and i wanted to have a few drinks.. but work....)
Saturday - 10am-4pm (see Sunday)
Next Sunday the 7th of dec - 2nd x-mas party ($10-15 secret santa gift; $20 for the buffet)
Nexted Monday (i'll assume i'll be working)

Tags: life: work

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