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dark-alone [userpic]

well... since it's the cool thing to do....

December 12th, 2008 (01:20 pm)

Show bashing time!

ummmm.... uhhhh.....
what am i watching on tv...?

Prison Break - aside from the Sarah returns stupidity, cuz she really does fit well into everything, but maybe they shouldn't have killed her to begin with. Idiots. No issues. T-Bag's still alive. Link's still crazy. Michael's dying. The Company isn't alone in the evil ass catorgory now. Thank you for adding Michael Rapapport to the cast and making him go 180, even tho i saw it coming.

House - I have no expectations at all for this show since last season so... yeah.. i pay half attention to it or none, and never miss a thing. Cuddy's getting a baby.... i'm  soooo happy... no not really. i don't care.


Wednesday - You cancelled JERICHO should can all rot in hell. H-E-L-L Fuck You CBS

Smallville - no longer watch (unless i heard that James comes back -- or Lex -- I've got my loyalities)

Supernatural -- ummm... plot building... a bad Sam ep one week, which i should have just turned the TV off. NuRuby sucks... Liked OldRuby... Can we have Sam Ferris back? What happened to building a "Family" for them? Well what starts never ends as on that show, but i'm still in it. 5 seasons. I wonder about the climax.

One Live to Live Ghost Whisperer -- They Killed Jim! Seriously. But he hijacked the body of Eric Green.. err - i mean Sam (is that the only name available for characters now?) after his soul entered the light, but as these things go he forgot all about Mel. So We see Jim, but everyone else sees Sam (Kennth Mitchell or something like that, Eric Green -- Jericho) So it's like One Life to Live killing of a character named Al, but due to fan outcries and rage and most likely cuz these are soap fans death threats, and threats in general, they kept the actor and introduced a brother of another character, and if Al could do something, he would get to live again, but as Michael McBain, not Al Rappaport.... yeah... soaps... are that cool. >.>

OMG -- "A CAW official says GM plans to close all North American operations for the month of January. " Not that i didn't see that coming but... FUCK.

soaps and american primetime tv too.

I wants my Rescue Me... NOWZ!

I miss Buffy. Bad Beer, anyone? possibly the worst episode in any series ever. Even Joss apologized later for it. I'm sure it made perfect sense at the time. XD These things usually do. Every series has good eps and bad eps and the occassion GREAT eps. it's TV, it's not perfect. But I usually go for the underdogs. A shows that can get a cult following and critics hate. there was the 'rape episode' of Buffy, that i still haven't brought myself to re-watch.... James didn't even want to do it. Joss wanted all fans to hate Spike, but we just sorta blocked it.... mission: FAIL.

It's like going into a soap and exceating greatness. XD You could skip a soap of 5 years, and not miss a thing. OLTL had a split personality lock her 'sister' in a secret room in her Mother's house for 3 months..... our time. and no one found out till the bomb.... Evil twins, split personalities, baby swaps, baby stealings, tornadoes, freak storms, dying and coming back to life.... vampires, angels, witches, magic candles... okay so that last part is from a soap i miss lots, Port Charles, but still... i mean stuff actually happened on that 30 min soap.... well if you like vampires.... angels... charles keating.... (another world?) >.>


Posted by: Lance Storm (ryans_cupcake)
Posted at: December 13th, 2008 05:56 am (UTC)

Prison Break - I kinda gave up last season... I'm not all that interested in this season at all...

House - I'm loving House. It's still good, We just had the episode where you find out how House and Wilson met, and i thought it was hilarious, best in a long time.

Fringe - =( hasn't come out here yet, I downloaded one episode and really really enjoyed it! So I'm hoping NZ gets it soon.

Smallville - It's so good. SO GOOD. DOOMSDAY IS KICKASS! I can't wait until the christmas hiatus is over...

Supernatural - I'm with you on the new Ruby thing... She isn't that good looking... But I'm really liking it! I think it's the best it's been in a long time.

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