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Yesturday I went to NeoTokyo (an Anime store in the city) on my search for Loveless vol 3. And wow how they've grown, so much more manga, and plushies, and thingies. (@^o^@)
But no Loveless at all >.<
But I did manage to get myself a Kurogane Plushie for $9.  That's the only pic i could find, but he should go nicely with my Mokona one. ^_^


Since we were heading down to Cinema1 in White Oaks Mall, we stopped in at Chapters, where i found my beloved Loveless vol 3.  Cinema1 didn't have what i wanted either, but Best Buy did.  So i got myself Ju-on 2 on DVD as well XD

It was good, i may have liked the first one a little bit better, but this one was good too. ^_^

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