dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

I guess it's time to do one of these "feelings" posts...

I suppose my way of thinking goes: 'if you don't talk about it, it's not real'

Well it's about our cat, Sabrina. She's not been doing so good for the last month or so. She's gotten so weak and thin. She's still drinking water, but has basically stopped eatting as of now. Before she was at least eating a small bit a day. we figured it was old age, i mean we've had her over 7 years now.. i'm think more then 10 years, since we had her when i was still in HS> We know nothing really about her before she found us. That's right she was a stray who decided to stay. She was fixed and declawed at the front. Someone had "deposed of" her, and she came across our trailer, and we feed her, and she decided to stay.

I finally talked about Sabrina at work to Mary Anne and it sorta felt good to talk to someone about it. This was on Tuesday. She Asked if it was Worms, I said i didn't think so. But oddly today when my brither called to wish my Mom a Merry Christmas, she was talking to Tammi about it, and she also thought maybe worms. So now my mom who was so sure Sabrina is just on her last days, is wondering if it is some kind of worm, and that maybe she's waited too long to get Sabrina help. I mean a vet is very expensenive, and we've never really relied on one in the past. (aka cannot afford the bills) But she's decided to call the pet emerceny tomorrow and see if she can get Sabrina in.

I seriously do not want to go tomorrow. I'm not good with such things. I don't do hospitals. For humans or animals. But if I don't go, my mom has to go alone. And on top of that poor Boo (my pet name for Sabrina) hates her cat carrier, and she hates car rides. She chews on the bars. And I mean what if we take her and there's nothing that can be done for her na we have to put her down, and i know it would be better for her to go w/o pain but stil.. i'm just not good with this kind of thing.

But if I don't go, I may end up regretting it. And that's not something I want either. Merry flippin Christmas and all that. I haven't even had my family christmas yet, that's on Saturday, I'm sure I'll be a ball of joy that day, depending how things go tomorrow, yes?

I don't want my Boo to die. I mean sure, she's a pretty mean, grumpy cat. Doesn't like to get petted for too long, hates being picked up, bites, hates most people, hates other cats/is afriad of them, but she's our kitty.

okay.. feel sad now, and i need a tissue.
Tags: sabrina

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