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Boxing Day -Always remembered-

This moring, i have no idea on the time... I was still sleeping, when my Mom came in and said that she and Sabrina were off to the vet, and since I was still muchly asleep I said: "Okay" and passed out. I woke up more clearly probably about 10 mins later, and thought: 'dammit, they left? I should have went.'

I mopped around here, washed my hair, tried to stay postive.... tried to think of the fun i'll have at my Grandma's tomorrow... and then at around maybe 20mins to 11am... I could here my Mom's key in the door. So I promply paused my music and went to the door. She was holding Sabrina's Cage her eyes very watery and red, I was looking down at the cage thinking: 'she in there, right?' I Look up... "Aww..." my eyes go, and I hug my Mom... we sit down and talk for a bit... start putting away Sabrina things... They're not sure what it was, but her heart wasn't sounding to good. Could have been her kidneys failing, etc. But she was so weak and thin. So very light. That I really do think it was for the best to give her the injection.

And I feel awful for not going, and i knew that i would. But at least she's not suffering anymore.

This cat...
She was one of a kind.
She was so mean and grumpy.
She may have had no claws in the front, but damn those hind ones were sharp.
She hated to be picked up.
I was the only one she would tolerate picking her up for a short amount of time
But If it was too long she'd kick me in the boob to get away.
I learnt to either drop her first, or make sure to wear a padded bra.

She hated plastic bags, but if you put one on the floor she would lay on it,
the same with tissue paper.
She had a mountain of toys that my Mom kept adding too, that she never played with.
Once in a while she'd bat a ball or mouse toy around, but only if she thought no one was watching.

You could pet her 3 or 4 times before she got angry and tried to bite you.
She had a great blanket fetish.
She had my baby blanket even.
She was cute.
I'll miss her lots.

This is the firsttime in as far back as i can remember that we haven't had a cat running around.
I miss my cat.
And I have regret for not going with them.

Tomorrow, unless he calls tonight, I'll tell my Dad. And i'm sure my Aunt Nancey will ask about Sabrina, she always does.
I don't want to tell him in an email, and there's no way i could on the phone either.

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