dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

HGIF figures

That's right, I got my 12 Balls today. 2 packs of 6, for the HGIF trading Figures Macross Frontier.

4 different characters: Alto, Brera, Ranka, and Sheryl. 6 in the set, meaning a variant for both Ranka & Sheryl. I managed to get one of each.

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However I only got one Alto. >.<
So glad I decided out of panic about getting a Brera, to get 2 packs, instead of one.

Extras I have are as follows:
3 Ranka's in the white dress variant
1 Sheryl in the pink top Variant
2 Brera's SOLD

my Alto's head is really loose..... >.> I thought it was odd he only had 2 parts... and then as i was putting his 'pants' into his upper body... his head came loose. XD

pics in a bit.. playing with the VidCam

 Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Tags: anime: macross frontier, merch: figures

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