dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Death to the ZUNES!!!

honestly until this moment... i had never heard of them... however... SURPRISE! It's MIRCOSOFT!

and the 30GB ones are... well let's call it a plague... so yeah, they be dropping like flies!

"across the globe have suffered a simultaneous crash" (- National Post, Canada)

Z2K9 - Y2K, a rebirth. XD
Thank you Microsoft, for bring tech death! Again...

in other news... SNOW SQUALL warning for London, middlesex, here, and there, up in Barrie-land.... and it will be COLD. Thank you for that.
-17c w the windchill right now out there.... blurr!

Dude! the weather man on CTV just said: "Some afternoon Flowers... Flurries, not flowers..." It was so funny! lol


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