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Because Someone Asked me too...

OMG I do have My Love is Forever at least twice. >>


I was causally on IRC last night, and just so happy someone was around to chat with, when I made the mistake of saying: I have all of the Escaflowne OSTs.
Which naturally lead to can I have them?
Which lead to me, trying to upload 4 OSTs ... no 5 last night, late last night.
SO I got 2 done, working on OST III now, will do Lover's Only & The Movie OST, following that.

Here's the links so far. (In OGG format <-- no clue way)
wow sendspace hates the 3rd OST.. i'll skip it for now, i suppose.

Escaflowne OST I
Escaflowne OST II
Escaflowne OST III
Escaflowne Lover's Only
Escaflowne Movie OST
Drama & BGM Extras from Movie

Update: OST 3 at megaUpload
And Drama & BGM cd.
Tags: anime: escaflowne, download: music
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