dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Amazon Package recieved

sure it was basically 8pm when i got the package from the postal man... which is super late.
Apparently they were running late, and a lot of people are on vacation too which doesn't really help. And he said that they told him to not even bother coming out this way today, but he still did, and i'm glad. And that he was making one more stop, because it's an apartment building that's for 65+ and old ppl will wait forever for their mail. And I know it's true. That was really nice of him to care about them.

Yes, at that late hr i had given up and decided to go down and just check the box for regular mail, and he was behind sorting the mail. XD

Anyways... Ouran Pt 2 with the inserted 2009 Calendar & GSD Part 1 have arrived!
Yes... lots of SuzuKen... which i just clued in on while watching Ouran with Sebastian.... I mean I know SuzuKen is Shinn in GSD, but when making the order it didn't dawn on me at all. XD YES, I liked Shinn. That was the role that made me fall for SuzuKen.

i needs sleep for yet another solo day with Sebastian...
Tags: anime: gsd, anime: ouran, seiyuu: suzumura kenichi, stores: amazon

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