dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Keanu Reeves as Spike...?

eeeee.... well.... i suppose... if they haaaaavvvvve to make a film out of Cowboy Bebop.... and i stress 'have to' then Keanu isn't a bad choice but....

Why do they HAVE TO?

Black Blood Brothers -->
Blood+ -->
Chrno Crusade -->
Code Geass S1 -->
Cowboy Bebop (i will finish watching this, i will!)
Dear Boys --> ,
D.N. Angel -->
Erementar Gerad -->
Escaflowne --> I've only watched this once in Japanese... it's totally love for the english dub
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children -->
Geneshaft (my first Sakurai thing ^^) -->
Ghost Hunt -->
Guren Lagaan (Just eps 1-9) -->
Infinite ryvius -->
innocent Venus -->
Loveless -->
Mirage of Blaze -->
Ouran --> Dear Boys, wolf's rain
Princess Princess -->
Shounen Onmyouji -->
Sukisho! -->
tactics -->
Tokyo Majin --> hmmm these one i picked for character styles.... XD But found some treasures, yes. ^^
Trinity Blood -->
Wolf's Rain -->
Yami no Matsuei -->


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