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today was BSG day on SPACE, which is great, you know, if i had known about it. -_-
I did manage to watch 3 eps of season 4 (oddly able to follow the storyline)  and then at 10pm watch ep 11 of season 4.
So now i'm like: 'ok, good. now to watch the last 9' You know... if i can remember next week. We'll see. It would work better if it was on CTV tho.
Friday is CTV night. XD Ghost Whisperer, followed by Flashpoint @ 9pm. Have a lot of Hugh Dillion, and then with any luck a little bit of Callum Keith Rennie (CKR) on BSG.

Wait-- she said "oddly able to follow the storyline" up there. I did? Oh, right... I watched a few eps of season 1... then went off to college with no SPACE (tv station if not clued in yet), and then for season 3, i figured why watch? so far behind. Caught a couple CKR eps here and there (ONLY reason to watch for me, really, truly)

Have i mentioned at any point, at all, that CKR is my favouritest actor?
Maybe not.
But he is.

Watched 'of murder and memory' or something like that a couple weeks ago. Just because he was in it. Okay so Hugh Dillion was also in it, but so not the point. CKR was in it more, but sadly not as much as the woman.

Micheal Hogan - For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down. (CKR movie! ^o^) Yeah.. i have this on VHS taped from the antenna tv in the glorious, wow there's colour for 5 secs, recordage.
completely unrelated, but Alessandro Juliani, does do voice work... as many do... *rolls eyes* pfft Canadians, eh?
Examples: L - Death Note, Barbie movies, Nightscream - Beast Machines, Bionicle movies, etc.

sorta related.. watched Stephan King's The Langoliers a few weeks ago. Dean Stockwell's in that. Odd show... missed the first hr or more of the first part tho. Didn't remember a thing. XD

Dollhouse... sounds not good. XD But hey it's Eliza, and Joss, and out off Buffy loyalites i'll be watching ep one, if i don't randomly miss it... whenever it starts. Feb?

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