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La Corda D'Oro & other things

FIrst episode sub is out, and I know a tad about this one.
Must learn to remember titles.
La Corda D'Oro ~primo passo~
Make sure to check this one out ... could be interesting or not.
ANN.com's page

And i have 2 verisons of My Love is Forever >.>
The one that was on the anime, and another one >>
Marginal Prince Songs vol 2 - 01 MY LOVE IS FOREVER
is different, trust me.
Ryoutarou luv

And as i tried to lesson to my newly acquired Digi music... I found this one, not too bad to listen to.
Tobira~Door~ by  Teen-Age Wolves

I'm going to sort through it and keep what sounds good no point in keeping it all, when it scares me.
Tags: seiyuu: okiayu ryoutarou

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