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You-kyan, i love you, and you pulled it off so beautifully!

I mean, and i don't know why exactly, but the first time i watched it, nothing. It didn't phaze me at all.
But damn watching it the 2nd time to get some screenshots... It just hit me like a ton of bricks... and i got all weepy. T_T

I mean the event aren't a shock to me, since i've seen the movie. But wow. Good Job You-kyan. ^^

I just had Deja Vu while doing a vector. What an odd... well creepy sensation. I mean i've had deja vu before, it's not to me but. It's kinda creepy feeling. Not sure why. Oh well back to my Tomoya & Akio vector (it's really 2 vectors, but i have them in the same file... multi-tasking and all)

Tags: anime: clannad, deja vu

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