dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,


Am i fucking tired!

I prolly got to sleep around 1am, which isn't too bad... but then... the fucking winds started. x_x
Circa 3am... i've been awake since 3am!
I work today.
I have to sit in the food court for an hr before work... i have to stay awake too.

Winds? 60 km/hr, gusting to 100km/hr over night, currently, apparently only 70km/hr. X_X

Im on the 8th floor. The top of the building.  It's shaking us as it blows. Can't wait to go out in it! YAY!

And on top of the winds... we had a good amount of rainfall over night. 20-25mm of it. So there is flooding as well. -_-

this wind is supposed to remain until around noon. Man it sounds like a train/mack truck is heading right towards my window. X_X

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