dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

V-Day, S.A.D. or whatever

Sebastian says hi. Scan credit: sanoiscari 

I really didn't want to do this... but i didn't do a halloween one, or an x-mas one.. so..  here we are.
o.O i had a v-day tag already?

Well whatever, here's a little gift none the less. That's right i'm thinking about every one of you on my f-list. *points* Yes, that includes you.
a couple more than others, you know who you are.

Dollhouse. My new fave tv show? sure. I'm good with it. Eliza rocks!
OMG SPACE didn't show the preview of BSG next week....  instead it rushed to start showing Jason X... which was also on Scream tonight.. how boring.


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