dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Crows Zero

I just watched Crows Zero and my gods, i LOVED IT!!!

I LOVED  Takaya Genji played by Oguri Shun, he was so awesome!

Whee! 2hr 9mins.. and it got me all hyper!

I'm still a bit hyper, only sleepy, lol

Also I found the OST. And joined a LJ com, and added Oguri Shun to my interests. I'm officially a fangirl nowz!

Izaki was famlair and now i know why, he was in BR.... >.> Hiroki Sugimura - otoko 11-ban actor: Takaoka Sosuke

excuse me while i go do something....

7.20ish mark of Gundam 00 19 was great, short, but great!
Watched CLANNAD 18 & Kuroshitsuji yesterday.
Cried during CLANNAD; laughed and wtf?ed and pointed and laughed & loved Grell during Kuroshisuji

Tags: anime: clannad, anime: kuroshitsuji, movies: crows zero

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