dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

is it time?

that forum's been down for 3 weeks or so, an i really don't miss it, but i mean i've put a lot of time and everything into it. It's not my forum, but you know. But I mean I'm in a position where it's not going up. There's just down and out. So maybe it's time to just leave?

I mean i don't d/l music from it. I don't need it for anything. I did however get it into my head that a new kind of weekly contest would be fun. But i can skip that. I can get throw it all away like it was nothing. I can do that. Really.

But perhaps, because i don't like quiting anything, even if a suck at it, i  should try it out, in 5 months when it gets back up. ("a few days" my ass)
Designing trading cards, that sounds like fun. But i dunno.


Had to get it out there somewhere.
ignore this.


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