dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

CLANNAD music dump

Thanks to mak0chan for sharing.

BGM Vocal - Negai ga Kanau Basho ~Vocal & Harmony version~ [Veil, Aoi, Lia]

M4a format
Bitrate: variant
Size: 22.98 MB

01. Veil ∞ Aoi - Negai ga Kanau Basho ~Vocal&Harmony version~
02. Veil ∞ Lia & Aoi - Tsubasa Wokudasai
03. ANANT-GARDE EYES - Negai ga Kanau Basho ~Vocal&Harmony version~ [Off vocal version]
04. Kudo (Pixelbee) - Tsubasa Wokudasai [Instrumental]

Image Vocal Album - Sorarado Append [riya]

M4a format
Bitrate: variant
Size: 24.36 MB

01. riya - Onaji Takami
02. riya - Kaze no Shoujo
03. riya - Hitohira no Sakura
04. riya - Komorebi (appears in CLANNAD ~AFTER STORY~ episode 20)

Tags: anime: clannad, download, download: music

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