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The CW has oddly so, renewed Smallville for a ninth season.  I mean what the hell? I'm not really getting through this season w/o Lex, let alone another one?

Also Supernatural, for what i will assume will be it's 5th and final season, as the plan is for 5 seasons. What this "Plan" holds is anybodies guess, but if you just want to complain about "the vision" STFU and get away from me, i do not want to hear endless bitching. You don't like it? Then stop watch, kay? thanks.

tv.com article.

My only question is.. as i stare at tv.com's page for Supernatural.... Why does it say the next ep isn't until march 12th? Hell WTF?
Are they not new tonite? I mean SPACE has been advertizing a new SPN for Friday, so i ask WTF?

I can't fraking watch it on Friday! Friday's so packed! 8 - Ghost Whisperer; 9 - Dollhouse (i cannot skip this not even for SPN. That's a negative.), 10 - BSG; 12 - flashpoint (because it's also on at 9 pm)

EDIT: @#!$%#%!!! i just read a spoiler on tv.com, which is noramlly safe to view..... >.<

Tags: tv: smallville, tv: supernatural

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