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Halloween Party Time!

I dressed up as Zed from KI-BA....

dark_alone's Halloween party:

blazelifdemon dressed as a new superhero: Crimson Warrior.
bluebutterfly81 dressed as a vampire.
chibiwings dressed as a Atobe from PoT.
crazy_hanna dressed as a neat vampire.
drag0nl0rd dressed as a Dragon.
game_queen dressed as Yuugi from Yuugiou.
gokumew2 dressed as Ritsuka from Loveless.
hekichan dressed as Fuuma from X/1999.
innocentangel77 dressed as Ed from Cowboy Bebop.
kmarcello dressed as Tomomasa from Harukanaru.
mitsuki612 dressed as Nova from BLEACH.
myth720 dressed as Ginji from GetBackers
n4ncy dressed as Mizuki from PoT
nanami_hijiri dressed as a llama.
oh_tuti dressed as Draco from Harry Potter.
rainbow_canuck dressed as a spoon.
sasmira dressed as Millard Fillmore.
silpheros dressed as a rainbow fish.
silver_wolfe dressed as Vincent from FFVII:AC.
slytherinette dressed as Fuji from PoT.
soubi_no_kissu dressed as Naoji from Meine Liebe.
soulalchemist dressed as a ghost.
tenipurikarupin dressed as Gou from Saint Beast.
vile dressed as a Manga Goddess.
wonda dressed as Alucard from Hellsing.
yoru_no_tori dressed as Optimus Prime.
yuulin dressed as Harry Potter.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created with phpNonsense

hahaha... i changed some. I didn't like them/had no clue who or what they were. ^__^

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