dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

wow i think i just had my first yaoi-like dream

can't be completely sure as i was spotty.
As I got about 1 hr total sleep last nite. @_@

well it seemed to end boy x boy all happy... but i don't think 'i' was a guy.... i'm not even sure if the 'me' in the dream was a cop or just random. lol

I xcan't remember how it started at all. (damn toss and turn nite messing with my memory)

ugh feel bad... @_@ *readies for work & the 50min wait before work in the food court*

Okay time for operation "Stay the Hell Awake"

EDIT: and while i'm still here feeling sicker... I just read the last chapter of TC *_*
Tags: dreams

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