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SPN was good. ^^
I'd quote a part, but i forget the wording... >.> But it was funny.

I watched ER. I know, random, but i saw the commerical for it, and saw Carol, and I always liked her.
Doug, Carol, Eric la salle's character, carter, it was like a reunion, only not all at the same location... XD
I haven't really watched it since Carol & Doug got together at the end of a season. lol

CLANNAD ~After Story~ episode 22
Need a suib.

There will be an ep 23 - extra episode

I'm not exactly sure what happened. It's like you got hit in the head (Dean) and you're confused. lol

Bought part 1 of the CLANNAD collection from Sentai Filmworks? I've never heard of them. But props to them for going like Media Blasters, subs, no dubs. XD Also extra notes about certain things, must like a fansub group would do. ^^ Watched the first 6 eps already. ^^ Lovely.
Also the last ep finished just in time for SPN, which is a good thing, or i'd have forgotten to turn it off. XD

You-kyan is so good in this anime. And it's nice to see it on the big tv too. lol

Note, this isn't a spoiler... if i talked openly about it, it still wouldn't be. However before watching ep 22, perhaps you should re-watch season one's OP. Or after ep 22, watch it, and you'll see what i mean. Actually as i was watching those first 6 eps, as it often goes, i started to take note of this and that, and it really did make me understand the ending better. ^^
Tags: anime: clannad, seiyuu: nakamura yuuichi, tv: er, tv: supernatural

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