dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

I get it, but....

I get it: You would think they could include an awesome box like with Code Geass, yes? No.


Why (other than the box issue) do people need to complain about this?

CAD price on amazon.ca: $44.09 (so pre-ordered)
Now that's a $10 difference between it and the normal version. (CDN$ 34.99)

But I mean... hello Manga. I'd most like end up paying at least $10 for each. Well the CG manga is $12.99, so more around that price. And this includes 2 mangas. So i'm game. I have the JPN version of vol 1 of the adaption.

Everything else listed is also on the normal edition.


I was watching CLANNAD collection pt 1 and thing wow 6 eps on one disc? But Ouran has 7 eps on the first disc. So now thinking about it I wonder why ... err can't remember what i was just thinking.... XD'

G00 2 - 23 d/l is slow!

Tags: anime: clannad, anime: gundam 00

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