dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

It's Over

Battlestar Galaticia has ended (again).

-the NOT Spoilers-
@ CITY TV HQ in Toronto... my gods... SPACE ppl in vancouver.. there was cosplayers.. and one was a Hybird in the tub like thing, bald head etc... XD

but anyways the returning panelists... basically didn't like the last hour. I thought it was fine, but how many of them watch anime? How many of them need to have everything spelled out for them? aka no open ends that you need to use your own brain for?

So Kara was... CKR was right... Kara was an angel. weird. ^_^
Lee's all alone now... Daddy flew off with annoying lady, who died (cancer) and then decided to live alone somewhere.... >.>

I mean I figured they would find a new home, or else that would truly suck.
Would have loved more CKR.... but it was nice to have him at least appear.
I also figure Boomer would save Hera from those she kiddnapped her for... I mean she really started to 'feel' after meeting Hera

Now i'm kinda sleepy... but I have to watch dollhouse at 12am, cuz BSG started at 9......

Tags: tv: bsg

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