dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Okaasan is the computer!

To spare the unknowing i will speak in code with no tags....

Otousan & Okaasan are fighting over IT again!

Okaasan left behind the body and joined the machine.... and Otousan isn't very happy about it either. I think next week will be the final showdown between them. Nii-san will be fighting Otousan for sure. Nii-san was all 'Sparkle and Shine.'

Onii-san killed his enemy today. It was asolem (is that a word?) time. 

My heart's desire protected the one closest to him and she spoke to someone about someone else who was close to her.

Nii-san's friend got to save his ex Kanojo... it was depressing, Kanojo should have just died.... >.<

And without bodies they can still speak; that's the power of IT.

One Episode remains!


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