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dark-alone [userpic]

A Happy Un-Ending to everyone!

March 29th, 2009 (10:30 am)

Some reason this seasons shows have being lacking in ends that don't feel like copouts.

This Un-Ending is brought to you by Gundam 00 care of Sunrise who will be being for a Gundam maybewewillgetarealending 00 movie in 2010

Where's my SEED movie? WHERE?! I want it first!

Seriously A movie?
W/O Tieria and Allelujah then, yes? I mean they weren't on the crusie ship at the end. Tieria faded away, and Alle (who i might say looked unhappy, weak, and possibly ready to drop dead at any moment) was walking off somewhere will Marie and a pile of other cattle people....

I still don't see why they had to kill Ribbons off for an ending like this.
Graham was shown, but got no speaking lines.
Patrick didn't die, and married that woman.

Also they played that kids song, which ruined  the everything.
And then at the ass end, i thought they were looping to season 1, by playing larku's song... >.<

me in irc -
<&HalleAlle> i wish you a happy unending! i wish you a happy unending! i wish you a happy unending & a movie later!
<&HalleAlle> - Sunrise