dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

When it's gone it's gone.

Well i watched the last episode of ER. Why? because some of the original cast appeared. And I was an original fan, as it were.
Of course this series which first aired September 1994 will live on in syndication, and DVD sales, as most do. A year run, will not be forgotten. Even is NBC has given up on Dramas airing thrusdays at 10pm.. or any weeknight in that timeslot. [insert Jay Leno Here]

This year however, will also mark a rare event. Something that happens very very rarely. And it will not live on in Syndication or DVD sales. We will have a SOAP DEATH (maybe, highly likely). Not  just any soap either, but the longest running one (to quote Guinness World Records: 'the World's longest running TV Drama'). And you thought 15 years was a lot right? Come this September  8th, GUIDING LIGHT will end it's run on CBS, after 72 years (orignially on NBC Radio until 1962).

Now I do not watch this soap, but I have had 2 soap deaths, one wasn't on air long, i won't even mention it here, tho I loved it. The other was well known, ANOTHER WORLD. More than 15,700 eps will have aired by the time the LIGHT goes out. I bet there's people in their 90s, who are thinking 'i've been a fan since i was a kid; when it first started'

I mean they are trying to find it a new home, but really? Will that happen? You can stick it on SOAP NET, but you'll get less viewage, as most of the, you know, world doesn't get it. It's not 'cancelled' it's just got no home after that... Homeless, is Jobless yes?

How smile and say bai bai!
Tags: soap death, tv: er

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