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dark-alone [userpic]

omg, i just had a fangirl moment

October 24th, 2006 (04:46 pm)

mood: blank
music: Tobira~Door~ by Teen-Age Wolves

So there is a Signature of the Week contest at aost, and the theme is: People (Actresses/Actors/Singers etc).
So im like cool... until i go looking for some Human pics on my computer, and realize I don't have any >.> Except for my Seiyuu folder....
So Seiyuu are ppl too, right? and some of them sing so... That'll work, course no one will vote for me, lolz. At least not in terms of 'i know that guy!'

Fangirl moment? Right. Looking thru my Morita folder... (cuz i didn't pay close attention to the pics, i guess) Stumbled across this one of Morita with Hockey skates on *is a hockey freak* with orange laces. So cool looking.

Toss up on who to use for the Sig...
Either: Naozumi or Morita. ^_^

PS: (aka edit) OMG OMG Rock Star SuperNova aka Lukas will be on the Gemini Awards Nov 4th!! against Hockey! NOOOOO!!!! which sucks, and i'll have to chose! lolz.