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BBB 7 subbed by Shinsen... WTF?

post number 2 of the day...

I just watched Shinsen's sub of Black Blood Brothers 7, and WTF?
What was up with the spelling of the names?
Next time i'm waiting for my beloved Kyuu (kyuuketsuki) they sub my KI-BA too. ^_^

Yellow jacket boy now has a name! and it's no Jaffery, sankyuu very much, but Yafuri Chao. >.< Seiyuu: Kumai Motoko.
Names are important to me, for to add them or even mention them on my site, I need them to be close to what they are.
Also Augitus or something instead of Ogius (crazy vampire).
Another, the bridge guy (sorry trying to do this without spoilers) I think the first name was John, which was close... John Chan... um.. no. Johan Tsang. I suppose Tsang, could be close to Chan, if you were smoking something.

So I declare Kyuu better then Shinsen. Though i'm a fan of their work. Thanks for PoT ^_^
(no pun intended -_-)
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