dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

Okay so here it is

Bedtime Dreams
by ~headstro on deviantART

Scan thank you to: sanoiscari .

The PNG? Well um.. it's so huge I don't know where to u/l it too. XD

Okay so MF than. 2 PNGs... 1 with the night cap; 1 - w/o it.

With Cap - 2.65MB - Here
W/O - 3.21MB - Here

without cap @ 50% size:

Also brush credit to: mutsie_brushes .

If you use the PNGs credit please.
Do Not use the wallpaper to make other works.
thank you.
Tags: anime: kuroshitsuji, chara: ciel, chara: sebastian, graphics: vector, graphics: wallpaper

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