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Thursdays: SPN, Harper's Island, Basquash!

Enter key posted this earliy.. to recovered and done here we go
Spoilers ljcutted, nons, not. XD

I was almost at a point where I seriously (aka i WAS at that point) considered dumping the sereis. D:
It takes a lot to drive me from a series. But it recovered. And I was relieved. lol

What was it? Well Jimmy's daughter & Cass.... Almost had us stuck with a little kid (girl) as his nu Vessel. Almost had me out the door.
I'm still not over nuRuby. I don't need a nuCass. thankyouverymuch.
Cass got whipped upstairs, and is now on "God's" side again.... but at least he's in Jimmy.
Also Sam.. YUCK WTF?! yummmmmmmm demon's bleeeeeeddiinnnnngggggg...... *sucks neck* For one and all to see.

Then as times running out and Bobby hasn't appeared yet, i'm thinking somethings up and it was. They lock sam in the Iron room at Bobby's.  They really are pitting Sam again Dean.

Harper's Island.... Oddly.... The Killer didn't kill anyone in this ep. Booth did die tho. He shot himself by mistake. @_@
Richard the brother-in-law was seen RPing in sexual ways with his wife's stepmother, by his sister-in-law Trish the Bride (RealRuby, SPN - sporting brown hair)  Henry the Groom told Richard about Trish seeing them. Later after the Bacholerette party, a somewhat drunk Trish wanders by the pool and sees 'muffin' the blow up doll floating in the pool. So she decides to pull her out, but falls in. As a view you saw that coming, and figure something will happen, but also figure as the Bride, it's too soon for something to happen to her, and alert the masses.  She's in the water at the bottom with her eyes closed as the pool cover starts to close. She opens her eyes and starts to freakout, as she's trapped under the bubbled plastic. then as she starts to take in water and pass out someone jumps in and 'saves' her. Henry gets there and finds Richard has 'saved' her. AKA you owe me, so you would tell my wife, or father in law the millionare, about what you saw. BASTARD. He has a kid with is wife too. She's the Flowergirl.

They showed a newspaper article with Wakefield (i think that's his name. I'm baaad with names) and it was CKR! I want him to be alive and killing again just so i can see him! LOL

Also not only is RealRuby in this, but Bobby too. He's the sheiff. Father of Abby, who's mother was one of the victims of Wakefield.  Abby's the best friend of Henry the groom.

RealRuby - Katie Cassidy will be in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. (Oddly Sam - Jared P. was in the remake of Friday the 13th) Thomas Dekker (John Conner - the sarah conner chronicles) also stars.

BTW - i just call them Bobby and Ruby... and Henry i refer to as Jake from Jake 2.0 >.>
Also Ronald from one of SPN's eps... is also in it, and i call him Ronald. >.>'''

Basquash! - Dan uses the term 'Basquash' in this episode, and everyone is like What the Fuck is Basquashu?
Next week human basketball!

Tags: anime: basquash, tv: harpers island, tv: supernatural

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