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Kamen Rider

No i'm not watching the current one. Didn't work for me.
Loved KIVA.
Ultimate LOVE for Den-o

So speaking of Den-o.... Another Movie!!! Another, beautiful movie!!!
I just saw Final Countdown RAW.

But this One even more complex.
Countdown added Ryoutarou's Grandson, Koutarou & his Imajin, Teddy (Ono Dai-chan) to the mix. "The Onigashima Battleship" will feature some from Den-o, KIVA, and Decade.

So with that comes yet another Climax Jump Version. This one refers to those singing as: Den-o All Stars. Those "All-Stars" are as follows: Momotaros (Seki Toshihiko), Urataros (Yusa Kōji), Kintaros (Terasoma Masaki), Ryutaros (Suzumura Kenichi), Teddy (Ono Daisuke), Owner (Ishimaru Kenjirō), Nogami Koutarou (Sakurada Dori), Naomi (Akiyama Rina), and Kohana (Matsumoto Tamaki).

It's very pretty. *_*
Matsumoto Tamaki, i know people don't like her, or her singing. Tianzi in Code Geass, but unlike most little kids in anime, she is infact a kid in real life. SuzuKen gets to rap a small part still.

I recommend this song to any Den-o Climax Jump fan. Good for anyone who likes the seiyuu in this one too. ^_^

BL Drama Forum to d/l, as I cannot share it personally.

Tags: actor: matsumoto tamaki, actor: sakurada dori, seiyuu: ono daisuke, seiyuu: seki toshihiko, seiyuu: suzumura kenichi, seiyuu: yusa koji, tv: den-o

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