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I was up too late last nite.
I have no idea when I fell asleep either.

It was after 1am tho... I recall the clock say 1:32am.
But the BL Drama was worth it.
Having the Raw manga to follow along with it was also great. ^^

But now I'm so tired... when to bed just before 1, but I was fairly awake at the time... hinders me falling asleep.
Cell woke me up at 5 to 6am, but i just didn't want to get up....

There's yet another frost warning today, and it's currently Zero out. I'm cold.. Why is it so cool this month?
It's gonna get up to 16c today tho...

Still it's predicted that it will rain this weekend. Please, please, please.... change for sunny clear skies on Saturday, please!

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