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im gonna shut up as soon as i realize nobody's reading... really, i will.

But before that. I was flipping through my mags I got on Monday today before work and stumbled upon a very tiny article in 2 different mags, and i swear to gods i'm the only one who would notice the small things in Animage & NT....

Anyways figured out the anime title and ann.com has the main cast up even. Woot!
Of course I knew Yocchin was in it already...

Miracle Train

Nakano Riku - Kamiya Hiroshi
Tōkyō Zero - Yoshino Hiroyuki
Tachikawa Lune - Miyata Kouki
Kichijōji Takuto - Irino Miyu
Shinjuku Shintarō - Okiayu Ryoutarou


Yeah.. i want this now.... No idea what it's about, but just look at the cast!

Tags: anime: miracle train, seiyuu: irino miyu, seiyuu: kamiya hiroshi, seiyuu: miyata kouki, seiyuu: okiayu ryoutarou, seiyuu: yoshino hiroyuki

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