dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

I just watched...

The Nutty Professor 2: Facing the Fear

This is the sequel to the original film, not that shit remake with eddie murphy. (honestly why would anyone watch the remake?)
This is a 3D CGI Film, by Rainmaker (or prehaps they were still my beloved Mainframe Ent at that time)

Oddly... (well not 'oddly' as i love anything they make) I loved it. It was funny; it was weird; it was embarassing; and it was cool.

Jerry Lewis reprises his role (or roles really) only he's a greatfather now, and his grandson gets ahold of the exlir, and gets a 'cool' version of himself... to you know... get the girl. XD

Jerry Lewis' daugther, Danielle Lewis cameo voices in it.

Andrew Francis is also in this, not as the main, but in 2 roles none the less. Tabitha St. Germain also noticable.

Andrew Francis does anime. He does other voice work. He also appears in Live Action films, and TV shows.
Oddly so he's part of the Devil Kings English cast. (Sengoku BASARA) - Sanada.
Some stuff:
Escaflowne - Dilandau
Gundam SEED - Muruta Azrael
Gundam 00 - Lasse Aeon
InuYasha - Hiten
.hack//Roots - Haseo
Infinite Ryvius - Airs Blue

Hot Wheels - Vert
The L Word
X-men evolution - Iceman
Poltergeist: The Legacy
Tags: va: andrew francis

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