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J-Mags July

Animage july has Kuroshitsuji crack poster in it.... *_*

I was stalking YA waiting for them to update with july mags last nite, and then they did with cover pics, so i ordered animage, animedia, and NT even though NT just showed the cover with eva or something on it, which i could careless about.

But then today when i was working on the 07-Ghost section of Ashita He, i was checking a link and saw something about PASH! and thought... 'omg PASH!!' checked YA, and it was listed (sells out fast) so i had to make another order >.>''' since the other one shipped already. Hope it's good. I got so excited that it was there, i didn't use google trans to see what was in it... you know, other than 07-Ghost. XD Oh and 'BASARA' on the cover, makes me think there is sengoku BASARAness inside. lol

FMA on the cover. Hughes.... T_T
*google trans' now*
umm cover + stickers + poster and then something that makes little sense. XD
Something about Hughes T_T and Scarr; Ed & Roy, Al...
PASH! original book card?

Hetalia related: Konishi Katsuyuki (that's good... maybe it'll be post-able on konitan_rabu if i can scan it well XD )
BASARA stuffs
-07-GHOST,  PandoraHearts, Senjou no Valkyria, East of Eden, SAGA Gwynn, Ristorante Paradiso, Youth花咲KERU, Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom ~

Movie news for:
- Macross F & Mobile Suit Gundam 00

"Now, for the dice! Master Katana Sword with black butler"
^-- Kuroshitsuji.... lol

- Natsume, Prince of Tennis, Silver Soul, Home Tutor Hitman REBORN!, NARUTO-Naruto - Narutimate Accel transfer, BLEACH

summer: (some lost in trans, i'm sure)
- It's time this matter without
-NEEDLESS  <-- plan to check out
- Blue flowers
- Tokyo magnitude 8.0  <-- might check out
- Mr. Despair Sayonara懺
- Language化物

Mamo-chan, Midorikawa Hikaru, Takashi Kondo

HETA rear Axis Powers (all day)
Natsume book of friends
The Prince of Tennis
Senjou no Valkyria
Sengoku BASARA
Seto Yasushi Suzuki Hiroki × from D-BOYS"

should be nice... XD

SIMS 3 time, i think!

oh also got black record Kuroshitsuji book.....
Tags: jmags: newtype, scans: animage, scans: animedia, scans: pash

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