dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

July anime

Umineko......  - watched raw - result: DROPPED

Saint Seiya OVAs - d/led subs of 1st 2, but haven't watched yet.

Bakemongatari - watched raw - result: keeping for now, but need to watch it subbed..? well honestly, with a sub i would be just as confused, i'm sure. Animation style reminds me of count of monte c., kemozune, & mononoke.

NEEDLESS - WATCHED RAW - RESULT: KEEPING!!! oh sorry caps was... stuck... >.>'''' really. Total WTFness! I loved it. ^^
tv size of 'modern strange cowboy' by GRANRODEO -MediaFire-  ED was really random, and i'm unsure of but.. well.. whocares.... warning yuri-ish ED....

also d/led elementhunters & canaan, but haven't watched yet.

Still going with: BASQUASH!, 07-Ghost, Pandora Hearts;
Sorta going with FMA:B (like i skipped 12, watch You-kyan raw - ep 13.. d/led sub of 14, but not watched, yet...)

Slap-up Party, i'm watching but not at the same time, i blame the sub group. srsly.

AND WHY is my CDJapan package still listed as sitting in the MISSISSAUGA post office? WHY?!

"International item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs - july 2nd; 20:49"

our fucking holiday was the 1st, dipshits.

Tags: anime: needless, seiyuu: nakamura yuuichi

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