dark-alone (dark_alone) wrote,

BASARA vol 1 has 29min eventness

I watched a bit; randomly decided to attempt to cap; forgot i had upgraded VLC player... so when hitting said key to cap, it 'previous' option instead...
I think i've seen 6mins of it, and VLC player also didn't like playing with lines but here's a few caps....

Hoshi-san really moved lots, so most of the caps have blurred motin and lines, but i tried to pick a couple that didn't.

Will try to watch it fully tomorrows..

ps: the bigger one is from me using 'Jing' to cap before going with VLC.

Tags: anime: sengoku basara, seiyuu: hoshi souichiro, seiyuu: morikawa toshiyuki, seiyuu: nakai kazuya

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