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I watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 eps 1-3 w subs tonite before torchwood. The sister is pretty damned annoying at first, but i managed to get through the begining, and will now attempt to continue to watch. It's only 11 eps tho, which is good, cuz it's stressful to watch, if you care about the people that is.

Watched Basquash! 17.... even more 'pervy' next week.. yes, really. It is possible, apparentaly. XD
New character... i wish i knew his seiyuu. ep 16's new character is Fujiwara-san, so i'm good there.

watched ep 16 of PanHearts. I love Break. I really miss Ishida Akira in things. I love his voice. (come to think of it... DVDs.... S.Onmyouji, D.N. Angel, Chrno Crusade, Erementar Gerad, GSD, Sukisho!, Galerians: RION....  erm.. Blood+.... >.>''' ) um... what am i talking about? oh yeah PanHearts... Raven, Oz, Jack, Alice, Break. I'm all good. ^^ Vincent scares me tho... oh and Liam... cuz he's Suwabe... >.>

Torchwood... randomly decided to watch the last 30 mins of tuesday's ep... dunno why. XD So i watched the final ep tonight. SPACE decided since the DVD / Blu-ray release is next Tuesday, that they should play all 5 of the eps monday - friday. And now that's it's brainwashed me with Doctor Who commericals, i feel compelled to watch whatever it's showing tomorrow nite. I've never watched an ep of Dr Who before... Can i have season 2 of Merlin, nowz? err.. i can link these... Merlin has John Hurt (voice anyway) - harry Potter.... doctor who has David Tennet - harry potter! score!  also british all of it...

Torchwood was somewhat... very depressing, wasn't it? wow. I watched the last ep of season 2 as well... and it wasn't too happy either.. maybe that's the way it was?  Well Jack will be back on Doctor Who late 2009 (december)... who knows.

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