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wow the 5th...

I got the first volumes of both La Corda & Return to Labyrinth today!
Bigger hype on the Labyrinth Manga tho, I can't wait to find the time to read it!
I love that movie!

Also my mom got me an MP3 player, so now i can use it at work!

And the Nov edition of NewType-USA with the Getbackers Centerfold! Finally on w/o chicks in the middle!

Watched BBB 9! It was great too. And i think i like Zelman, lots >.>
Not sure how that happened, but it did. ^__^ Figures since he's supposed to be the baddest of the group/head ppls. Of course when i see 9 with subs it'll make more sense, lolz. And i worry about Mimiko.

Marginal Prince 5, more fun, and confusion. Is there really going to be no one to sub this?
Tags: anime: bbb, chara: zelman, life, manga

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